Why TALENTMATTERS As a Career & Job Search Strategist & Agent, We are You  We have been the Employee and the Employer and the Recruiter.  Our Strategists, Advisors & Trainers prepare you for your career and job search through our innovative Career Search Success Programs.  We help you through the maze and know what it takes to diffferentiate you - to give you the ability and skills to be successful in your job search. As Talent Acquisition & Human Resources Consultants, We are You We are pragmatic, flexible, strategic and hands-on.  We know how to recruit talent, hire talent, retain talent and how to transition talent....with success © 2004-2010, HRS CONSULTING LLC FACTS 21 Million =  job searches conducted via Google last month 95K =  jobs lost in September 2010 5% = % of all available jobs that are posted on job boards Rona has more than 25 years of human resources, recruiting, and talent management experience working in corporations - Fortune 500, small privately held companies, financial services, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, consulting services, consumer products and others - responsible for the hiring, training, retaining and terminating of thousands of people.  She has partnered with  business leadership, providing strategic  talent solutions, leading a talent acquisition team, and bringing employer and employee needs together to achieve success.  A hands-on professional focused on meeting business objectives, effectively and efficiently. RONA ROSENBLATT, SPHR Senior Talent Acquisition & Human Resources Consultant Career & Job Search Strategist & Advisor With a network of human resources consultants, career advisors, career mentors, recruiters, strategic alliances and affiliations, TalentMatters brings strong human resources and recruiting resources to the table.  We put the team together that most directly meets your needs.  We are Human Resources Executives, Talent Acquisition Leaders, Recruiters, Employee Relations Managers, Educators and Trainers. Tailored, strategic, customized, hands-on, and interactive - a strong consortium of human resources, talent acquisition, career search, recruiting and sourcing experience together. FEATURED ASSOCIATIONS