CORPORATE CASE STUDIES © 2004-2010, HRS CONSULTING LLC LET US HELP YOU TO A REWARDING CAREER TODAY 21 Million =  job searches conducted via Google last month 95K =  jobs lost in September 2010 5% = % of all available jobs that are posted on job boards A Global HR & Benefits Consulting Firm - Recruitment Struggling to hire consultants for their largest business unit, we provided this firm with a strategic recruiting solution that allowed them to go into the marketplace with a consistent message and a targeted approach.  We streamlined their recruiting process, focused it on direct recruiting efforts and networking and helped them to define their “sell message”.  We gathered feedback from their current workforce as well as from professionals at their competitors and provided them with the perceptions of them in the marketplace.  As a result, our client filled several of their positions within a 3 month period and without the use of third party vendors.  More importantly, the positions they filled had been open for more than 8 months before we were assigned to the engagement. At TalentMatters, we believe in a strategic partnership with our clients, developing a long- term focused relationship.  Below is a small sampling of case studies that highlight some of our successes with our clients FEATURED ASSOCIATIONS