INTERVIEWING - STRATEGIES © 2004-2010, HRS CONSULTING LLC 21 Million =  job searches conducted via Google last month 95K =  jobs lost in September 2010 5% = % of all available jobs that are posted on job boards FULL CAREER SUCCESS PROGRAMS FOR: OUR CAREER SERVICES  BE PREPARED - know the company, know the job, know it all.  RESEARCH! Put yourself in the Interviewer’s shoes as you prepare - What do you want to hear/see? Dress appropriately.  Decline a drink.  This is an important meeting.  Treat it with RESPECT Short, clear and concise answers - answer the question, not what you want to answer.  Keep the Interviewer interested What’s behavioral based interviewing?  Know the answer - BE PREPARED to answer these type of questions. Be prepared to answer “Tell me about yourself” - have your 30 second “ME” advertisement ready to go! Be prepared to answer “why are you looking?” - keep it short and clear.  Don’t make excuses.  NEVER “bad mouth” your former employer Be TRUTHFUL.  Be positive, enthusiastic and interested at all times.  Body language counts - sit tall, speak clearly, make eye contact.  Have you ever left an interview and were not sure of the outcome?  It is because we, interviewers, are taught not to “show our hand” to you, particularly if it is a “no”.  We are trained to respect you - so respect the process as the interviewee! Be comfortable with ambiguity, uncertainty and change - we, as employers, don’t always know ALL of the details of the job responsibilities.  Work with it! Be comfortable with temporary or project based opportunities if you have been unemployed for some time.  Flexibility is Good! Know your audience - if you are talking to a non-techie, don’t get technical; if you are talking to someone who is less experienced than you, relate your conversation appropriately If you may be “overqualified” - sell it!  Talk about still learning and keeping up with the latest trends, sharing knowledge and mentoring Be prepared to answer: “What things do you do well or what is your greatest strength” and the reverse: “What is your weakness” - the answer to weakness must be honest but be sure to turn it into a positive Ask good questions - don’t ask textbook questions (we hate that!) Always end the interview with an understanding of next steps and timetable - Ask if it is not communicated to you.  What is the next step in the process? When do you plan on making a decision? PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE!!!! Never say “NO” - be willing, able and flexible! Never say “NO” - when you don’t have the experience asked, say it but say what you have done that is related Don’t show up to the interview without knowledge - know the company, know the position.  we get frustrated by those that don’t do their homework Don’t be modest Don’t get caught up in titles and levels Don’t ask about salary and benefits too early in the process.  We hate that!  We ask you, You don’t ask us! Don’t say “I’m flexible” - say it only if you mean it! If the Interviewer tells you what they are going to pay for the job, don’t ask “is that negotiable?” - The answer is “no”.  Don’t negotiate before you have the job! Don’t show up late - because of traffic or your dog ate the directions.  Get there early! Don’t call the interviewer after the interview to say “thanks”.  We don’t have time for that.  Do send an email to thank us for our time and express your interest. LEARN MORE.... How Do I Prepare for An Interview? What is a 30 Second “ME” Commercial? What is Behavior Based Interviewing?  What Do I Need to Know? What Should I Ask in the Interview? SIGN UP FOR OUR INTERVIEWING STRATEGIES WEBINAR Below are some suggestions and guidelines to follow when preparing for an Interview.  It is so important to be prepared.  Go for it - Win it! FEATURED ASSOCIATIONS