© 2004-2010, HRS CONSULTING LLC 21 Million =  job searches conducted via Google last month 95K =  jobs lost in September 2010 5% = % of all available jobs that are posted on job boards It takes Knowledge, Tools & Commitment for a Successful Job Search Workgroup sessions are offered on a regular basis and offer a “focused and intense” program, aimed at getting you your next job quickly.  We assign you to the appropriate Workgroup that will give you the skills to succeed in your career search process.  While the Workgroup will be interactive and group driven, the coaching will be individualized and tailored to you.  Program pricing is based on your program needs.  We will provide you pricing once we determine your needs.  Packages usually provide pricing discounts. CAREER & JOB SEARCH WORKGROUPS An Intensive Career Search Training Program From the “Corporate Side of Hiring” OUR CAREER SERVICES FULL CAREER SUCCESS PROGRAMS FOR: The Program includes small workgroups (2-5 people) & one-on-one coaching  To assure we meet your needs, we have broken the workgroup sessions into modules.  You can sattend one or all of the modules.  The modules include: I.   THE RESUME - Preparation, Design, Strategy - tools, messaging, branding II.  THE INTERVIEW - No two Interviews are the Same - Be Ready III. FIND THE JOBS - Where are they and How do I Apply.  Internet, Social Media,                                    Job Boards and .... IV. NETWORKING - What it is and What You Need to Do V.  RESEARCH - Techniques, Tools and Resources VI. NEGOTIATION - Close the Deal for Success FEATURED ASSOCIATIONS