© 2004-2010, HRS CONSULTING LLC To Learn More and Register for Our Services, please Contact Us Now Senior Level Experience - Cost Efficient - Dial-Up / Dial-Down - Pay for What You Need When You Need CORPORATE OUTPLACEMENT & TRANSITION SERVICES Through our  Career Institute of NJ, we provide your employees with support, training and advice to succeed in the future. It is difficult to terminate an employee, whether for performance or because of an economic downturn.  But as an Employer, you MUST focus on the employees who remain.  Let TalentMatters work with you We can deliver the message We can transition the employee We can provide the career advice, training and tools We can help the displaced employee to move forward into the future Our significant experience in this area can be invaluable to your organization...let us be the “bad guys!”.....let us help you through the process.  Stay “legal”; stay “compliant”; stay “safe” and be the Employer who provides its employees with the best possible support to succeed in the future. For the Employer: One-on-One Consulting and Advising Training and Guidance Compliance and Communications For the Employee: One-on-One Career Advisory Services Career Workshops & Seminars Tools & Resources Visit our The Career Institute of NJ website, to learn, in detail, the services we can provide  to your displaced employee.  ROAD TO THE FUTURE FEATURED ASSOCIATIONS