We believe that every full time hire is a million dollar decision.

– Our assessment tool has proven that employees who enjoy at least 75% or more of their job are 4 times more likely to SUCCEED, ENGAGE and STAY than employees who enjoy less than 75% of their job.

Talent Management is about aligning passions with business results.

Pre-Hire Selection – The “One Size Fits All” approach to assessments fits no one well and everyone poorly! The Harrison Assessment enables you to hire the right talent by measuring behavioral requirements that directly relate to a specific job. Harrison’s unique job success formulas are highly predictive and validated.

Associate Development – Our behavior is a choice. Growth is understanding and developing the behaviors that allow us to achieve our goals. Harrison provides the framework by pinpointing specific behaviors essential to a specific job or career path. The assessment identifies strengths to leverage as well as behaviors that may hinder effectiveness, allowing for step change in performance.

Leadership Development – Self-knowledge improves relationships and performance. Effective leader development facilitates strong relationships between managers and employees, creating strong teams. The Harrison accurately determines whether a leader’s behavioral tendencies are strengths or derailers, emphasizing what individuals are doing right, while at the same time encouraging balancing factors that will enhance performance and job satisfaction.

Succession Planning – Predict the likelihood of success at multiple levels within an organization and create a plan to accelerate progress. Management can access The Talent Readiness Dashboard that objectively ranks employees for positions according to job specific qualifications and behavioral competencies, as well as current job performance.

Team Development –Talented people must effectively work together for the organization to succeed. Harrison Assessments Paradox Technology reveals team dynamics in a unique way, enabling individual team members to easily identify how their own behaviors both contribute and obstruct team objectives.


Individual Impact Survey – Leadership development begins at the Individual Contributor level.
Leadership Impact Survey – Measures leadership behavior that are known to drive work force
                                                               engagement and retention.
Executive Impact Survey – 360 Feedback from Managers, Peers and Direct Reports.